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Bibi Smit

Open Air Glass

By 06-07-2020

Open Air Glass invites you to see and experience glass in outdoor sunlight. By locating the gallery outside in the surroundings of Loosdrecht, Bibi Smit’s work is brought into a natural ambience. Look at glass from unexpected angles, see the artist’s workshop, discover work in progress and what it means to produce when we are all separated.

This exhibition showcases Bibi Smit’s latest designs for Salone de Milano 2021, the ‘Swarm’ bespoke chandelier and a unique series of handmade drinking glasses.

Bibi Smit is an artist, glassblower and designer. Inspired by nature’s force and elements, her work explores the rhythms and patterns caused by movement in nature, such as the wind creating ripples in the water, throwing up autumn leaves and flocks of birds swarming through the skies.

Smit’s artistic practice lies in her capacity to make each object from beginning to end, drawing designs, experimenting and exploring new forms. She is mostly fascinated about the fluidity of glass, color and light, its elasticity and texture, strength and seemingly endless ability to surprise.

Exhibition ‘Open Air Glass’

27 June – 26 July 2020

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