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Oxidation Aftermath

By 24-04-2016

Founders Rutger de Regt and Marlies van Putten share the same interest in experimental design by process based principles. Their research Oxidation Aftermath focussed on creating dialogues between materials. To facilitate the process neutral materials like marble, wool and ceramics were combined with copper. A liquid accelerator was used to start the oxidation process, which colours the neutral materials.

Carrara Marble bench
Marble tiles connected with copper tube, the accelerator is poured into the copper funnel and the copper oxidizes. Holes in the copper tube connecting the marble creates a flow of blue liquid which runs trough the white marble, which turns blue.

Rug (Icelandic wool)
The mishaps of the tufted rug were wrapped with copper wire and hung in accelerator liquid. Due to the capillary action the liquid flow passes the copper, which oxidizes and creates a unique colour pattern.

Ceramic vessels
A special clay is used to extrude the vessels, during the stoke the fibers burn, facilitating the capillary action when placed into copper oxide liquid. When the vessels are glazed and finished a unique colour pallet emerges.