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Studio Mieke Lucia

Fused acoustic panels – Part Two

By 24-03-2018

Studio Mieke Lucia is a product design studio exploring the field of design and acoustic solutions with a focus on colour and aesthetics.

Studio Mieke Lucia: “The collection Part Two is a series of acoustic panels in soft tones made from technical textile Colback® and wool felt. This collection is a follow-up from the project ‘in4nite’, which was presented at the latest Dutch Design Week.”

“Good acoustics are essential to achieve a comfortable work and living space and the use of colour also has a large effect on our well-being. There are a lot of acoustic solutions that are hidden, standard or a bit dull. It is a missed opportunity that they don’t complement the space they are in. Function and aesthetics come together in our work, designed for any space that is in need of noise reduction.”

“We work with technical materials such as Colback® and polyester wool but also with several other materials such as wool, felt and recycled denim. Our work is a result of intuitive experimenting with colour and material.”