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The Party: A family reunion

By 14-07-2019

The Party is a suspended lamp designed by Kranen/Gille for design label Moooi. It is an extension of the Party Wall series: The Mayor, Bert, Glenn, Ted and Coco. The Party brings all characters together for an obligatory family reunion. Each character has something to gain and something to say. Will they overcome their differences in the end, or will they each go their separate ways again?

The reunion of The Party opens old wounds, provides the opportunity to make amends or find peace. Will The Mayor acknowledge his sons after all these years? Will Bert finally get his revenge? Will Ted be able to handle this meticulously planned reunion, or will his temper get the best of him yet again? Glenn’s idealistic ways might be able to balance out the tensions between the family members, but will his mother Coco, a natural-born leader, give him the space to do so?


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Photos: Andrew Meredith