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Photo archive Henk Gianotten – Geert Setola

By 22-08-2020

ONE WEEK ABOUT photo archive Henk Gianotten by curator Henk Gianotten

This week Henk Gianotten is going to show a number of pictures of designers who were the subject in Roots (Dutch Graphic Roots), a series of publications that aims at generating attention to the post-war generation of Dutch graphic designers. Today Geert Setola.

Geert Setola is known as a designer and co-author of the specialist book Letterfontein. He put this book back hen together with Joep Pohlen. Geert studied at the academy in Maastricht, his clients were also abroad and besides being a graphic designer he is also a free artist, illustrator and author of poetry. With Cor Rosbeek from the printing house in Nuth (Limburg), he made several award-winning books and catalogues.

Photo 1: Also for the festive presentation of Geert’s Roots cahier the people who were interested could use the large hall in the BNO building in the Houthaven. On the left you can see the late Ben Bos with his wife Elly.
Photo 2: Geert received the first copy of the Roots cahier from author Guus Ros himself. Guus used to be a designer at BRS and earlier he himself used to be the subject of a cahier.
Photo 3: Joep Pohlen (from Polka Design in Roermond) – and his wife Elly of course – were present at the party for his friend Geert. At the time, in 1994, together they formed the Fontana publishing house where they published the groundbreaking book Letterfontein. This standard work for designers and desk-top publishers was later renewed by Joep and almost 25 years after its introduction by Taschen released as Letter Fountain in multiple languages. The brainchild of Geert and Joep has now become available to larger groups of interested parties. Joep thus runs a successful studio and a certainly equally successful publishing house that also uses other channels to achieve a worldwide success.
Photo 4: Among the many guests at Geert Setola’s party were Elly Bos-Bonsen and Titus Yocarini.