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Photo archive Henk Gianotten – Jaap Drupsteen

By 21-08-2020

ONE WEEK ABOUT photo archive Henk Gianotten by curator Henk Gianotten

This week Henk Gianotten is going to show a number of pictures of designers who were the subject in Roots (Dutch Graphic Roots), a series of publications that aims at generating attention to the post-war generation of Dutch graphic designers. Today Jaap Drupsteen.

The general public knows him best for his bold designs for the VPRO. Jaap studied at the Academy of Art and Industry in Enschedé. He worked as a designer, art director and director. His clients include broadcasters, governments, cultural institutions, advertising agencies and museums. His specialty includes audiovisual productions and animations and more. For the government he designed, among other items, banknotes and the passport. Also architects made use of his unique – sometimes entirely experimental – design. The brightly colored glass facade of the “Image & Sound” experience center in Hilversum forms an iconic welcome image at the Mediapark.

Photo 1: Visual Communication designer Jaap Drupsteen (left) receives the first copy from Chris Vermaas in the BNO building in the Amsterdam district “Houthaven”. This designer/teacher/publicist wrote the cahier in question. Chris is a lecturer at the University of Twente and a guest lecturer at the University of Arnhem.
Photo 2: Designers (Max Kisman, Piet Schreuders and Guus Ros are waiting patiently for Jaap’s signatures.
Photo 3: Simon den Hartog was director of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam for many years. He has attended many Roots and BNO meetings and likes to keep himself informed of both the heritage as well as the future of the designer.
Photo 4: Fay Lovsky is a good friend of Jaap Drupsteen. She followed courses at the Rietveld in graphic and audiovisual design but gained a lot of fame as a singer and performer.