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Down The Rabbit Hole 2022

By 08-09-2022

Every year, Dutch Design Awards (DDA) honours the best Dutch designers and their most impressive and groundbreaking projects. Various disciplines, viewpoints and solutions are judged in light of the impact they have on our society. Dutch Design Awards thereby gives a boost to the profession as a whole. The best Dutch design, viewed in perspective and placed on a pedestal.

DDA nomination 2022 | Communication
Merijn & Jurriaan Hos developed the de campaign film for Down The Rabbit Hole 2022. The film is a key moment in the festival’s communication; it sets the tone for the further development of the campaign. The starting point for this year’s concept was (escaping) the weight of the world. Merijn & Jurriaan Hos started with handmade artworks crafted from wood, plaster, rope and paint, they then continued sketching, filming, making textures and used a wide range of digital programmes. From the film came the total campaign for 2022, including a personalised video for each artist (artist social) and of course the festival decor.

Expert jury
Merijn & Jurriaan Hos show how a festival identity can transcend itself. The collaboration between these designers is formed by taking more and more freedom in the fields of graphic design, motion design and animation. All designs and expressions within this identity exude craftsmanship and pleasure. The campaign is characterised by a very primary, positive imagery. It’s great that Down the Rabbit Hole (MOJO) is open to this. The result is an energy and optimism that is almost tangible, which fits beautifully with our need to touch each other and celebrate together again.



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