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Studio Bas van der Veer

Raindrop Barrel

By 03-03-2017

It is time to be more economical with our fresh drinking water and to gain more conscience about how we deal with our water. The challenge in this project was to design a product that makes it really easy and fun to save water and makes it tangible and accessible for everyone.

The result is a rain barrel called ‘Raindrop’. In it a watering can is integrated that is automatically filled every time it rains. When the watering can is completely filled with rainwater, the surplus fills the reservoir of the rain barrel.

The user can use ‘free’ water for irrigating the garden, which would otherwise have gone down the drain. By doing so, the user contributes to a better management of our fresh drinking water without any inconvenience.

Bas van der Veer: “After my graduation from Design Academy with this design, the product was developed into an actual consumer product in collaboration with Dutch pottery firm Elho. During the development, a smaller version, the Raindrop Mini was also developed for use on balconies and in very small gardens. Both designs were taken into production by Elho and sold in both garden centres across Europe and online.”