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Random Machine

By 19-06-2018

We live in a multiple-choice society, and all these choices you make everyday (how little they may be) unknowingly add-up to your stresslevel. Sssssst and Studio Erik Stehmann ┬áteamed up to create the Random Machine to prevent choice-anxiety. Computers have a great deal of influence on our lives, algorithms often determine – without us even knowing – what we see on our screens, so why do we not consciously choose to let a computer choose for us?

Random Machine is designed to look as bait for choice-stress-sensitive individuals. The large, pulsing illuminated red button – around which the whole machine is designed – invites you to press it and is the only physical interface element so that the choice for operating the machine is reduced to a minimum.

Political elections, the choice of a snack in a snack bar, a beer in the pub, a mineral water brand from the overrepresented shelf in the supermarket or where you go to on holiday: Random Machine is ready to take away the stress and choose totally random!