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Rethinking Plastic

By 20-12-2020

Dealing with plastic differently, it can be done and should be done

Plastic is considered to be a cheap material, and that is why we easily throw it away. With all its consequences. High time to look at plastic differently and deal with it in different ways. Hence the title ‘Rethinking Plastic’. Designing differently with the world’s most berated material, shown in the stimulating exhibition at Yksi Expo. Furthermore, it is the start of a two year long program at Yksi Expo, revolving around the topic plastic in all its aspects.

DutchFiets | The circular recyclable bicycle
Frame and wheels from DutchFiets consist of one hundred percent recyclable plastic. It is easy to process, gives a lot of design freedom and can be recycled efficiently. With integrated lighting, which you can charge via USB. Partly produced in a sheltered workshop.

Plasticiet | Mother of Pearl
The Rotterdam designers Marten van Middelkoop and Joost Dingemans founded Plasticiet in 2018. Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, they process plastic into new materials and objects. Like the mother-of-pearl collection.

Soowon Chae | Plastigela
Soowon Chae developed the sustainable and biodegradable material Ocragela at the Design Academy Eindhoven on the basis of ocher, gelatin, glycerine and
water. As a variant, using recycled plastic, he has now created Plastigela, a type of textile with a distinguishable color and texture.

Exhibition ‘Rethinking Plastic’
Yksi Expo
Torenallee 22-04 (Strijp-S)
September 2020 – 14 March 2021