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Sarmite Polakova – PINEskins

By 21-08-2018

ONE WEEK ABOUT Like Leather by Leonne Cuppen

The pine tree is the most abundant tree in the Northern Hemisphere. Industrially it is valued for mostly for its cheap wood while historically all parts of the tree served a function.

It seems that the industrial approach today has made forests into factories delivering wood as its final product. By acknowledging these similarities one can see how the bark becomes a link between trees as living organisms and wood – as the end product.

The soft material treated with natural ingredients has leather-like properties and a lifespan of a few years, which this design approach respects. The adjustment of the function to the lifespan challenges the collective consumption habits of today, namely us hoping for long lasting products although we are fully aware of the short lifecycles.

Exhibition ‘Like Leather – alternatives to leather’
Yksi Expo, Eindhoven
till September 29, 2018

Photos: Jeroen van der Wielen