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Shahar Livne www.shaharlivnedesign.com

Shahar Livne

By 30-06-2019

ONE WEEK ABOUT Creative Heroes Award 2019

The young self-proclaimed ‘conceptual material designer’ Shahar Livne has a mission: to investigate and tackle major world problems through the stories that are hidden in materials. From The Meat Factory, fake leather made from bioplastics based on food additives using pig’s blood from the butcher as a colouring agent, to Lithoplast, a clay-like new material made from plastic waste. Shahar sees plastic as a raw material of the future, just as oil is today. Her research is based on predictions from geologists about what will happen to plastic in the future: it now already mixes with nature.

Jury: ‘Shahar is ambitious and driven, and her approach of regarding plastic as raw material instead of waste is interesting. She makes us think about the power of the planet to cope with the waste surplus and makes plastic a new usable material.’

Winner Creative Heroes Award 2019
Category 1:10.000 Award

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