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On Show/ No Show

By 08-12-2020

Unsuspectingly you’re walking through the lobby of the cruise when  your eyes are drawn to a giant wall of damaged mattresses next to a special collection of two chairs and a lamp. The installation is unmistakably from WhiteNoiseDADA as this name is stamped everywhere on the white translucent cloths.

On Show/ No Show is a project of WhiteNoiseDADA, a recent collaboration between the designers Klaas Kuiken and Charley Reijnders. The work is best described as playful, humorous, critical, absurd and provocative. The influences of Punk and Dadaism can be recognized in the fast and bold way of working.

During the current pandemic with all its measures, WhiteNoiseDADA sees it as a challenge to continue exhibiting physically. Inspired by art in public spaces, the designers are looking for locations that are balancing in a border area between public and private.

The exhibitions have specially been conceived and made for these locations and unfortunately are only accessible to a very select group. Luckily, we still have the photos and stories.

The first exhibition of On Show/No Show took place during the weekend of November 14-16 2020 on nothing less than a cruise ship waiting in the Rotterdam harbors.

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Photos: Jan Willem Kaldenbach