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Pauline van Dongen

SUNTEX – a new solar textile

By 02-02-2022

What if we could weave renewable energy into our everyday lives?

SUNTEX; a new solar textile suitable for lightweight architectural constructions.

Studio Pauline van Dongen is developing this new material as part of an innovation project in collaboration with textile architecture company Tentech. The aim is to combine the tactility and design freedom of a textile with the energy generating potential of solar technology.

Flexible organic solar panels and circuitry will be woven into the textile itself, generating new aesthetic qualities for solar technology through color, pattern and texture. This lightweight smart textile will open up possibilities to create large tents, textile structures and facades which can harvest solar energy while providing sun-shading.

The Solar Biënnale
The two year project, funded by the Dutch Government, is now underway; both handwoven and industrially woven material samples are being created and tested as part of the development process. An insight into the research may be shown as part of The Solar Biënnale later this year, as a new and holistic perspective on the energy of the sun is presented.

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