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TAQA Theater de Vest / Grote Kerk Alkmaar

By 24-05-2020

Winner Brons – European Design Awards 2020
Category Printed identity Applications

TAQA Theater de Vest and Grote Kerk Alkmaar form a notable pair in the heart of Alkmaar. Although the same organisation is behind the two buildings, this is not so clear to the outside world. To broaden the quality mark of the organisation and to visibly connect the two brands, TAQA Theater de Vest and Grote Kerk Alkmaar have joined forces with Verve.

From now on, the church, the theater and their additional programming will continue as one family. Verve developed a brand identity that encompasses a wide variety of resources and makes it recognisable and distinct. The result is a dynamic brand system that matches the target groups and programming.

The power of the family is in its opposition. De Vest is sharp and modern, De Grote Kerk grand and lofty. We based the identity on these characteristics: architectural details from the buildings form patterns, make artist photography distinct and adapt to the target group and the event.


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