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Tray: The Love for Leather

By 02-01-2020

A successful collaboration between Jess and Studio Suolle has resulted in a stylish, organic design with a subtle detail and surprising possibilities.

Maarten van de Goor (director of Jess): “The contact with Studio Suolle was born out of our common love for leather. This tough natural material is timeless, durable and can be processed in many different ways. The first collection consists of a sofa program, stools and an armchair, for both the retail and the project market at home and abroad.”

Tymon Scholten obtained his Bachelor of Design at the HKU. At ArtEZ he followed the teacher course for visual arts and design. Tom Dissel graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven with a design of a chair for which he tanned the leather himself. “Leather is a sustainable natural product, a residual material that is often treated in an unnatural way. That’s why I tanned it myself, so that all scars and blemishes are preserved and the leather determines the uniqueness of the furniture.”

When you enter Jess’ production room, you’ll see the skins draped over the bucks. “That stratification is also found in the famous Chinese rice terraces, The Stairs to Heaven. The subtle detail on the underside of the furniture in the Tray collection is inspired by these staircases,” continues Tymon. “Tray has the curves that suit the Jess family. The series consists of a modular system with different corner elements, which allows you to put together your own corner sofa, a two-seater or a three-seater. In addition, the back of the bench can be raised: interesting for the hospitality industry.”