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Trespa 2nd Life

By 09-09-2020

Conversation piece for Nemho in Weert

In the Next Material House (Nemho) innovation is the core of the collaboration between Trespa, Arpa, Westag, Formica and Homapal. This is where the developments take place in the field of surface materials in order to ensure relevance, even over decades of years.

Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe created a conversation piece in which high-quality materials are given a second life. The result is a durable piece of furniture with a flexible identity. A colorful mix is created by the availability of existing material.

The design stimulates ideas and insights about the reuse of high-quality material with a lifelong quality. Is a second life enough or should a third as well as a fourth life be considered?

For many years now, Trespa has put a lot of energy into monitoring and improving environmental performances and in which sustainability is considered an important part. The Trespa 2nd Life-program is meant to no longer discard façade panels as waste material, but to reuse them as building blocks.

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