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Vincent Mentzel. Photographs

By 04-01-2022

Photography that humanised politicians and other high-profile figures – NRC

Appears on the occasion of the exhibition Vincent Mentzel, 28 January – 6 June 2022, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Generations have grown up with Mentzel’s images of ministers, heads of state, actors, musicians and other greats.

For almost forty years Vincent Mentzel was the staff photographer for NRC Handelsblad: he literally brought the news into view. Mentzel developed into one of the Netherlands’ best-known photographers, especially for his innovative coverage of politics in The Hague. With his eloquent portraits of politicians and informal photo reports of the Binnenhof, he made Dutch politics more personal and human for many readers.

As a photojournalist, he travelled the world to record political events and other news. From student protests in China to Surinamese parliamentary elections: freedom, democracy and power remained recurrent themes in his reportages abroad. Vincent Mentzel. Photos not only provides insight into the important role Mentzel played in photojournalism, but also offers a recognisable photographic overview of our recent history.

Photography: Vincent Mentzel
Design: Irma Boom
Publisher: NAI010

Exhibition ‘Vincent Mentzel’
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
28 January to 6 June, 2022