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World of Food

By 20-10-2016

With World of Food a long-cherished wish of the Amsterdam South-East borough has been fulfilled. World of Food is an exotic indoor market in a spectacularly transformed old parking garage, where you can taste the most delicious dishes of about 30 cuisines from around the world.

The project introduces a new phase in the urban renewal of the Bijlmermeer. Architects Ted Schulten and Harvey Otten in collaboration with developer Lingotto took the initiative to accommodate the World of Food in an old Bijlmer parking garage. The quality of the once-maligned construction has now been made visible. The garages consist of heavy concrete beams with a large span. Openings cut into the thin floor create a space with plenty of natural light and a large free floor area. Thanks to the parking ramps all storeys are connected with each other.

There are many terraces, including a large terrace on the former parking deck. The old guardrail serves as a balustrade. Unique to the project is that glass and steel from by now demolished identical garages have been used. With minimal resources a project has been accomplished in which the pride of fifty years of the Bijlmer still lives on.

Dutch Design Awards finalist habitat 2016

Photos: Luuk Kramer