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Laurien Schrooten

#YODO – Laurien Schrooten

By 01-01-2022

One Week About The Social Design Lobby, today Laurien Schrooten

Why do we often have such a dark view of death? Why do funerals still go the way they do? Why are weddings and gender reveal parties prepared down to the last detail, but we don’t do that when it comes to our very last party?

From a great fascination for death, Laurien created a new form in which we can discuss our funeral wishes in a more creative and personal way. In the workshop #YODO you will design your own funeral in three different rounds. Full of humour, irony and contradiction, Laurien gives you a different view on funerals and death.

Laurien Schrooten likes to approach serious subjects in a playful way by constantly doing practical research with the target group. For instance, in the project #YODO (You Only Die Once) she played memory games with the target group, crafted coffins and performed funerals together.

In her work, she likes to place herself in various roles, such as creative therapist, mediator, funeral director or workshop leader. “In this way I discover my own role within my project. How would it be if’, is my main question.

In the countdown to the new year, we also count down to the start of the Social Design Scheurkalender 2022. The calendar can still be ordered via and will be sent to you. The more people tear up, the better the position of social design!