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Yuri Veerman www.yuriveerman.nl

Yuri Veerman – For our Heroes

By 29-12-2021

One Week About The Social Design Lobby, today Atelier Yuri Veerman

‘For our Heroes’ is a monumental infographic placed on the Malieveld in The Hague during the first wave of the corona. The title of the work refers to the war terminology that was used during the corona crisis.

The underlying question is: how much money does a hero earn? The accompanying website www.ditzijnonzehelden.nl takes a closer look at the socio-economic context of each profession. The combination of an iconic sculpture and a journalistic website results in a work that both summarises and deepens: the sculpture stimulates the discussion and the website provides the necessary context.

Yuri on his working method: “By casting material that everyone knows in a form that no one expects, you get a design that simultaneously evokes recognition and confusion. Especially with politically sensitive material, this offers opportunities to look at the matter in a new way.”

In the countdown to the new year, we also count down to the start of the Social Design Scheurkalender 2022. The calendar can still be ordered via www.thesocialdesignlobby.com and will be sent to you. The more people tear up, the better the position of social design!