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Iris Toonen studio

Woven Bricks

By 06-02-2023

When glass and textile meet

Woven Bricks shows the result of a research into the encounter between glass and textiles. The soft movable habit of textiles versus the hardness and transparency of glass in one expression.

Stimulating senses through richness in tactility
Woven Bricks tries to make the passer-by aware by stimulate senses through diversity in materials and colours. The variation in transparency and reflection creates a lively effect and response to the environment. A richness developed from attention and love for experiment, where the soul comes into it.

Cherish through wonder
In our fast and hasty society, attention and love is important, also in what we collect around us. Iris’ glasswork opens eyes and with it our consciousness. Time and love. To marvel and cherish, to keep it close to you.

In Iris’ studio it is not immediately about the end product, the discoveries of ‘the new’ are paramount. It’s between your hands where the wonder begins. She has learned to trust through years of experience that the most fascinating moments arise from the unknown. This also includes different materials and techniques that create new insights and possibilities that can be applied in, among other things, public spaces and/or interiors.

The ‘Woven Bricks’ will be on show during Object Rotterdam
HAKA-gebouw, Rotterdam
10 – 12 February, 2023

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