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Aera Fabrica

By 09-06-2015

Product designer Roos Meerman examines in her lab the influence of mechanical manipulation on natural materials.

Roos: “My design process begins with all sorts of material tests: dipping, heating, melting, stretching, breaking or freezing a material. During this process, I try to transform the characteristics and the inherent tendency of the material and to direct it towards some particular form. My goal is to control the material, but in such a way that it retains its freedom of movement so that the end result is always unique.”

“The Aera Fabrica technique is a combination of glass blowing and 3D printing. During an experiment with stretching plastic I realized that plastic can be blown up like a balloon. Heating the balloon makes it flexible and thus transformable.”

“Determining the form in advance with Area Fabrica allows me to have more influence on the final form. The technique has a broad range of application options, because with 3D printing you can create an endless variety of forms, colors and sizes.”

Roos Meerman won with Area Fabrica de New Material Fellow 2014 and the Ontwerp en Innovatie Prijs Gelderland 2015.