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Blind Walls Gallery: murals with a mission

By 26-09-2015

ONE WEEK ABOUT Graphic Design Festival Breda by GDFB

By implementing graffiti in a positive way, the Blind Walls Gallery provides creative solutions. The project is an initiative of Graphic Design Festival Breda in cooperation with the municipality of Breda, entrepreneurs, property owners and (international) graphic designers, street artists, typographers and illustrators.

Over the next four years, the Blind Walls Gallery is developing steadily. The artists’ point of departure is the past, present and the future of the city and the place where they create the art works. This approach allows the new works to emphasize the rich history of Breda in a contemporary way.

Right before and during the Graphic Design Festival Breda (September 25 through October 25) various artists will be working on a large number of walls around Ginnekenstraat and Mols Parking. Recently, Zenk One created an impressive mural in Veemarktstraat, Breda, as an addition to Blind Walls Gallery.