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Lisa Malou Smits


By 03-11-2014

FoodCollaboration is an independent interactive platform on which information about food can be shared. FoodCollaboration is a concept developed by designer Lisa Malou Smits (1992), who graduated this year from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Lisa Malou Smits: “FoodCollaboration is a vision for doing more research and sharing knowledge about food. The first two projects to be published will be about preservability and medicine combining with food. By finding the right people and partners and doing more research on the subject of food I believe that together we can gather al this kind of information. I believe that we are dealing with not just another hype or a new trend, but a profound change in how we, the human race, in general think about collective knowledge. Through the wisdom of the crowd this platform will expand.”

Lisa Malou Smits query
I’m looking for a collaboration with diverse expertise, especially application builders.