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By 11-03-2021

One Week About – Student Work, Industrial Design, TU Delft

Third year Bachelor project
Cin Yie Chang, Iris Damen, Hugo van Dijk, Angela Hanna, Jos van der Velden, Marina Wiemers and Philip Wüst

Navigating People Safely Through Public Places
Guido is an interactive installation that provides a mesmerising experience in any transitional space while simultaneously guiding visitors safely through it.

Composed of a large-scale hanging canopy made of a mesh of individual nodes, the installation uniquely reacts to each of its visitors and offers them a short and refreshing moment of escapism. With its organic and intricate appearance, it also transforms any mundane day-to-day transitional space into an engaging experience.

Upon approaching, the low-hanging canopy opens up to the visitor, welcoming them in and inviting them to follow along. Then, by locally lifting up and down its nodes and modifying its topology to give way and create spaces, Guido gently navigates its users, along dynamically computed paths. In doing so, the intricate and convoluted mesh structure of Guido makes its users feel like divers within a diverging school of fish, providing a fully immersive experience.

Project tutors: Wouter van der Hoog, Lorenzo Romagnoli
Course links: www.notion.so / interactive-environments.nl
Photos: Guus Schoonewille