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By 17-08-2015

Introducing Open Set 2015. Dutch Graphic Design Summer School ‘Open Set’ consists of a two-week series of workshops and lectures, hosted by Kunstblock Rotterdam. It aims to enhance the social value of design by facilitating the debate around a specific theme from different perspectives, design trends and traditions, and cross-disciplinary cultural practices.

This year, a group of international participants investigated the meanings, ethics and strategies of designing new experiences and the impact it can have on society. During our One Week About, each day we will introduce a new assignment of the 4th edition of Open Set. The assignments dealt with creative strategies of designing experiences and their power to provoke and influence individual and collective identities.

Among the contributors to Open Set 2015 were: design critic Max Bruinsma, designers Prem Krishnamurthy, Martijn Engelbregt, Jan van Toorn, studio Superflux, artists Annette Krauss, Bruno Listopad, researchers Florian Cramer, Caroline Nevejan and Els Kuijpers.

Open Set 2015
Dutch Graphic Design Summer School
‘Designing Experience: Moment–Stage­–Memory’
26 July – 8 August 2015
Creative Director & Curator: Irina Shapiro