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Project Network

By 25-08-2015

Sometimes, your social network just needs a boost. A good and resilient social network makes us happier, more resilient and healthier. However, such a network just doesn’t create itself – it needs a lot of hard work and that is not always easy.

When we are busy, experience a significant change or go through a period that we’re not feeling happy about the way we fit into life, our social network soon gets snowed under. The challenge is then to take an active role in maintaining and strengthening our network.

Project Network is an app that helps you with this. You are going to work actively on your social network. During this period, you will focus on the frequency and the quality of your contacts and you’re going to learn more about friendship.

Project Network is designed by Reframing Studio and commissioned by the Parnassia Group, specialist in the field of mental health. Project Network is currently being built by Sprigs and will soon be available for both Android and iPhone.

Copyright: Parnassia Groep and Reframing Studio, April 2015

Finalist Dutch Design Awards 2015