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Service Apotheek: from future vision to design

By 29-09-2022

Every year, Dutch Design Awards (DDA) honours the best Dutch designers and their most impressive and groundbreaking projects. Various disciplines, viewpoints and solutions are judged in light of the impact they have on our society. Dutch Design Awards thereby gives a boost to the profession as a whole. The best Dutch design, viewed in perspective and placed on a pedestal.

DDA nomination 2022 | Best Commissioning
Everyone is a customer at a pharmacy. Some people are frequent visitors because of a chronic illness, others come there once a year at most. But what if delivery services could deliver medicine faster? What would then be the relevance of the traditional pharmacy? Service Apotheek asked Fabrique to think about the service provision and expertise of its pharmacists. From this perspective, the agency developed a future vision for Service Apotheek – with over 500 affiliated pharmacies, the largest franchise formula for independent pharmacies in the Netherlands. The vision was translated into a ‘total design’: a new visual identity, as well as a matching interior concept and a design for a new Service Apotheek app.

Expert jury
Fabrique took Service Apotheek on a journey full of design thinking, an experience that they describe as a crash course in commissioning. Together they developed a coherent pallet of strategic design solutions that better highlight both the brand and its service provision. In anticipation of societal changes, they stay one step ahead of developments like (flash) delivery by coming up with a system solution. In doing so, they succeed in bringing a large, varied group of franchisees with them. The result is a fresh, consistent and customer-focused package of resources that brings renewed relevance to the role of the pharmacy and increases recognisability and approachability.


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