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House of Thol www.houseofthol.nl


By 14-12-2014

Waterworks is a natural hydration system that makes taking care of plants a lot easier. The system consists of a partially glazed terracotta stake stuck in the soil and a corked glass reservoir the neck of which can be placed in the stake.

The water from the reservoir slowly seeps through the porous walls of the terracotta into the soil. Plants that extract moisture from the soil faster will cause the reservoir to be empty sooner. The plant regulates its own water supply as required. It is possible to influence this by using a stake with a larger or smaller glazed surface as a result of which more or less water will be released.

Product-and interior design studio House of Thol was founded by Thomas Linssen and Jana Flohr. They strive for clear design solutions for everyday life and are guided by a love for materials and production techniques.

The production of Waterworks was funded through crowdfunding.