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Studio Job

Wunderkammer – Swarovski

By 30-06-2015

As part of Swarovski’s 120th anniversary celebrations this year, Studio Job has created ‘Wunderkammer’ at the theme park of Swarovski in Wattens (Austria).

The term Wunderkammer is a generic term that originated in the early Middle Ages when wealthy individuals, dignitaries and royal houses in England, Germany, Italy, France and Austria added a special wing to their castles to display rarities and gifts. These were often unusual and bizarre objects from the arts and crafts and the early sciences and medicine.

Job Smeets: “This Renaissance ‘Room of Wonders’ is an elaborate, total work of art, the sort that you can only create a few of during your physical existence. As was common in ancient applied arts it combines a host of ingredients. It is a work of love filled with frivolous expression and accomplished handicraft.”

Photos: Bernhard Aichner