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By 30-07-2016

One Week About Graphic Design by graphic designer Joost Overbeek

The Reprorecht Foundation (!?) sent me the umpteenth reminder. Because, as a designer, I must certainly have pinched or copied something. Decided to send them an email. Why should I pay?

“…The Reprorecht Foundation pays the fee to the makers of the publications in question.” Hey, that is weird … I have already published three booklets full of self-made images. Never heard anything of them. And besides, I don’t need money. Use it and have fun.

It was Babette (“My name is Babette and my sick mind dwells in a sound body”) who at some time made me world-famous in the Dutch pubs. The head I used looked so much like my aunt Hanny’s when she was young, that I had the courage to do it. For years and years, women called Babette rang me to ask if I still had some cards for them. Babette has recently been rediscovered. A Belgian newspaper wants to do something with her character. Nice, though, that the newspaper called me – I would never have found out if they had just used her personage, I guess.