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Joost Overbeek

Reasons for good design

By 28-07-2016

One Week About Graphic Design by graphic designer Joost Overbeek

I quite liked Gea. For her I made ‘Romance op Zaal 4’ (Romance on Ward 4). GEA in the lead role as Rosa, the little cleaning lady, in love with Doctor Ted (friend in white coat). “… that patch on his finger, doctor, that won’t help at all … without it, the wound will heal much faster and it’ll be better in a jiffy.” – See ‘Musical in a box’.

Girlfriend Marielle and her boyfriend have broken up. “Can’t you make a Boomerang card that can help me find a new one?” euken is aar de film gaan – See ‘Rebus’.

We had a client who was a real whiner. Very annoying! Play this game for 10 minutes and it’s over – See ‘Zinvol geweld’. (Senseless violence).

– My brother in his bare bum on a poster! Before we started the design for Julidans (July dance), I wrote lots and lots of ‘July dance texts’. The illustrations accompanying these texts became the design for the prestigious dance festival. My brother who ‘dances’ into the sea. A niece jumping on the diving board. That kind of work.

Romantic story. A’dam E.V.A.: “We’re still looking for something extra in addition to the TV series.” PHOTO NOVEL!! We have made one. Fantastic, but the publisher shied away from it – See ‘Photo Novel’.