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1000 Colors of Artis

By 27-04-2016

The ideal time to visit Artis is between spring and summer. Not only are the animals at their best, the flowers and plants are at their most colourful. The brief was to attract as many people as possible to Artis during these months.

There are more than 900 species in Artis and 1200 different varieties of flowers, plants and trees. From hundreds of these animals, flowers and plants we selected the dominant colour and converted these into unique Pantone colours. No two posters were the same. The colours were also featured in a commercial, creating a striking audiovisual experience in cinema’s and on TV sets.

In 2015, Artis had 1,352,784 visitors — an increase of 37,000 compard to 2014. Website visits during the campaign period were some 20% higher than during the same period the previous year.

Winner Bronzen Lamp ADCN Awards 2016
Category Out-of-Home