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Worlds of Wonder

By 19-11-2018

Experience Design For Curious People

Erik Bär and Stan Boshouwers, founding partners of Tinker imagineers, are publishing the first handbook on Experience Design. Modern organizations are increasingly looking for ways to engage their customers with authentic and heartfelt experiences. The book Worlds of Wonder is a manual for everyone who wants to turn this into reality.

Experience Design (XD), the enterprise of creating immersive worlds around people seems to be the creative industry’s biggest star in the marketing firmament of today. From museums to theme parks and from A-brands to governments, everyone wants to use the art of creating spaces that tell a story. And no other medium is more promising in connecting people to stories, places and ideas. What is the story behind this movement? How did it evolve and what is the best way of navigating in this sector?

This book contains many examples, with the intention of giving a sense of what works and why, from the psychological foundations of consumer behaviour to practical steps to action. Larded with the light hearted history of the authors’ own XD-firm Tinker imagineers, one gets more than a feel for this way of work.

Presale (20% off) from 19 – 21 November via BIS Publishers

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