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360° BRNDWR #4

By 09-06-2018

Saskia Olde Wolbers – Pan O’ Rama
The four-sided video projection of Saskia Olde Wolbers transforms the glass floor of the former tower of the fire station into a large aquarium. At a height of 25 meters, a pneumatic ‘soft-robot’ octopus created by the artist rhythmically explores the glass of the modernist dome.

The inhabitant of the aquarium resembles the rare Pacific Striped Octopus, which only lives in the Escondido estuary, the river that runs through the Nicaraguan El Rama, a sister city of Maastricht.

After the first observation – forty years ago – this intelligent eight-armed creature has until recently managed to hide from science. In her studio, Olde Wolbers brings an animatronic version of this sporadically filmed animal to life through lo-fi applications of the latest developments in ‘soft-robotics’, such as Lewis and Wood’s ‘Octobot’.

The studio images are interspersed with sonar recordings that reveal underwater traces of an industrial past. Converted to images these sound waves refer to locations where rivers merge, characteristic of both Maastricht and El Rama.

360 BRNDWR #4 has three previous episodes. It is the only spatial and semi-permanent video art installation in the Netherlands.

Video installation ‘Pan O’ Rama’
Capucijnenstraat 21, Maastricht
On view until June 30, 2018
Every evening from sunset to 11.00 pm.