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María Perez Lozao Humanes myponylittle.com

A Most Enchanting Machine

By 12-11-2022

ONE WEEK ABOUT Arnhemse Nieuwe 2022

Commissioned by Ontwerp Platform, a professional, Arnhem-based jury has selected the best graduates of ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design every year since 2006. This year this jury consists of Floris Schoonderbeek, Mark Kuiper, Diederik Verbakel and Oscar van Leest. Today we present María Perez Lozao Humanes, graduated ArtEZ bachelor Design Art Technology.

Maria’s work is a play that begins during the day and ends at night. During the cycle each device tells a story, together they form a performative landscape that explores a ghostly electromagnetic world. We welcomed electrical gadgets into our homes and vowed to share our lives with them. When electricity enters the home and these machines come to life, we begin to perceive our world through them. During the day, we use these machines to dream about information as we travel through our homes at the speed of light; but what do we dream about at night? What is the role of these machines in our unconscious imagination? Maria wants to frame and explore the fantasies and nightmares that live in our homes through these electrical artifacts. With this piece, she wants you to observe the magic of electricity and its devices.


Photography: Eva van Boxtel