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Agora: Future Workplace

By 13-10-2020

Due to serious challenges such as obesity, diabetes 2 and chronic back pains, office workers need to adjust their lifestyle throughout the day. This can be done by creating a natural indoor environment that encourages people to move, eat and drink healthy. 

Agora is the only green park where you can walk endlessly. It contains the world’s largest moving meeting room. It is a 35 square meter treadmill that can handle up to 15 people to walk, work, meet collaborate and even present to colleagues and clients.  

The goal of this design was to build a future workplace that transforms the office environment into a more liveable, healthy, creative and productive environment. This results in higher work performance, retention and attraction of talent, overall wellbeing and less absenteeism. 

Agora has been created with feedback from office workers, health specialists and physical therapists.