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Niels Hoebers www.nielshoebers.nl

Anne-Claire Petit

By 08-12-2018

Niels Hoebers studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he graduated cum laude in 2010 with the stop motion animation ‘Walter’. Directly after graduation he started his stop motion animation studio based in Eindhoven, where he produces complete stop motion productions from concept to final edit.

Niels Hoebers’ work is characterized by the wide variety of different materials he uses in his animations. The creativity with which he approaches each project creates a unique alienation between reality and fiction.

The animations are executed in high-resolution and therefore every detail, as in texture, form, light and composition, requires attention. Hoebers’ background as a designer plays a major role in this.

Anne-Claire Petit
Niels Hoebers:“Bringing Anne-Claire Petit’s crochet characters to life in a series of three small stop motion animated videos.”

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