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Schepers Bosman

Auping Aulies

By 25-02-2022

In the summer of 2021, Auping renewed their fabric collection and asked all Auping shops to return the old fabric samples. And those fabrics now form the basis of the Auping Aulies, a dreamy family of night animals.

Schepers Bosman has designed a design object for Auping with these leftover fabrics. Auping and Schepers Bosman have collaborated successfully before, at the heart of the collaboration are the shared values: production in the Netherlands, the use of raw materials from nearby, the creation of contemporary, sustainable designs and the choice of beautiful, high-quality materials.

Schepers Bosman has brought the iconic Auping logo to life. The characteristic letter A from the logo has become a design object, with an obvious nod to an owl. A true nocturnal animal. Wise and watchful. That, of course, suits Auping as a sleeping brand.

Working together to make something beautiful
The first Aulies are made by hand by first-year students of the Aventus fashion school in Zutphen. Making the owls is a great way for the students to practise all kinds of sewing techniques and to work with different types of fabric. It is very valuable for the students to get to know fashion designers and manufacturing companies during their education.

No leftovers
Not only the fabrics are leftovers that would otherwise be thrown away. The eyelets, too, come from nearby and have been given a second life. The buttons come from DeKnoFa, the Deventer Button Factory. They had some leftover buttons that they didn’t want to throw away either. So those buttons have now found a nice new destination as the eyes of the Auping Aul.

Auping Aul
The Auping Aul keeps your bedroom door ajar. Or put it on your windowsill, and it keeps an eye on you while you sleep. The Auping Aulies are now made one by one and taken back to the Auping shops where they are collected to be given away when you buy a new Auping bed.

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