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By 15-05-2019

Nominated for European Design Awards 2019
Category Self-Initiated Projects

Studio 212 Fahrenheit: “BLOCBIRDS is a homage to ordinary birds that only show their beauty if you truly look at them. The amount of colour, the variety and combinations of these colours as well as their position give each bird its own unique characteristic plumage.”

“In a year-and-a-half’s time, we made 25 graphic reflections (each 25 cm x 25 cm) of birds living in the Netherlands. The works are abstract compositions of rectangular colour fields. We tried to find the perfect composition with the right amount of colour while keeping the birds recognizable.”

“The exhibition shows all 25 BLOCBIRDS. In front of them is a display table with a square grid. Every square has a stuffed bird on it that matches one of the BLOCBIRDS. In October 2018, the BLOCBIRDS installation was first displayed in the Graphic Design Museum in Groningen.At the same time, we started selling reproductions of BLOCBIRDS on www.blocbirds.com. By the end of 2018, we were already shipping BLOCBIRD reproductions all over the world and people still order BLOCBIRDS online every day.”

“Because of the environmental changes in the Netherlands (and in the rest of the world), birds are having it hard difficult. Because they were the main inspiration for this project, we decided from the start to donate 10% of the proceeds of all BLOCBIRDS sold to the Society for the Protection of Birds in the Netherlands.”

Currently, the BLOCBIRD installation is on show in the Museum of Natural History Fryslan.

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