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ByBorre X Aectual www.byborre.com

Circular Clothes Hangers

By 29-04-2022

Borre Akkersdijk, creative director and founder of textile platform BYBORRE, approached Aectual to manufacture circular clothes hangers and torso’s for his WoTO™ space. This space, designed by multidisciplinary design studio LaBolleur, is a space where creators can educate themselves on the amazing and responsible solutions in the supply chain to create textiles. WoTO™ gives them access to innovation and production via the Platform BYBORRE Create™️ where creators can design their own fit-for-purpose textile from the yarn up by controlling their impact and aesthetics by integrating their brand’s DNA.

Aectual is a platform for 100% circular and customizable interior objects and architectural systems, such as furniture, flooring, wall finishes, and room dividers. All their products are made from recycled or plant-based materials and can be recycled and reprinted after use into new items.

Trillions of cloth hangers are being thrown away in the fashion industry every year, and that’s why BYBORRE was inspired to create a fully recyclable cloth hanger. The special collaboration with Aectual resulted in unique hangers, 3D printed from plant-based plastic and 100% recyclable into new printed products after use. The hangers can now be bought exclusively via Aectual.


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