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Liebe Leute, & Lowres Creative Studio

Amsterdam 750 jaar

By 30-10-2023

On October 27, 2025, Amsterdam will have its 750th anniversary. The city will celebrate this in grand style. To this end, Amsterdam&partners has issued a pitch for, among other things, the festive city decoration for this anniversary, which will start exactly one year earlier. The commission has been assigned to the design duo Liebe Leute, and Lowres Creative Studio. Together they developed the ‘750 Garland’, a festive, colorful garland that can be hung on, on, or over anything by anyone wishing to celebrate the city in the anniversary year.

Claudia Pupping, Founder Liebe Leute, “As an Amsterdammer, this is of course a dream assignment. I have enjoyed this city all my life, together with my family, and the fact that we can now give something back in this way that is so visible is really crazy. I hope our design will make many Amsterdammers happy during the anniversary year.”

“Our design is characterized by a certain simplicity and color,” adds Jop Quirindongo of Lowres Creative Studio. “The 750 Garland consists of two design elements and a color gradient that can be continuously shifted. That way it still remains surprising every time and engaging for a year. The municipality’s feedback on our pitch was, ‘Colorful, festive and easily applicable.’ Everyone understands the 750 Garland. This is what we wanted.'”

750 Garland
With a birthday city comes festive decorations. The 750 Garland stands for a diverse city, connection and, of course, celebration. This garland will be seen on flags and banners throughout Amsterdam throughout the anniversary year starting in October 2024. The design is available to anyone who wants to use it for festive decorations or to make Amsterdam 750 visible at events and gatherings. Entrepreneurs can also use it to decorate their products or develop merchandise. The condition is that part of the profit is donated to a good cause in Amsterdam. An online toolkit will be available from January on