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Koffiebranderij Peeze

Coffee roasting company Peeze

By 10-08-2019

ONE WEEK ABOUT Beyond Coffee by curator Leonne Cuppen

Compostable coffee package
After eight years of research and development, coffee roasting company Peeze introduced packaging that is industrially compostable, under the right conditions. Consisting of a printed outer layer, a barrier layer and a seal layer, mainly made from European sugar beet and cellulose. The pressure relief valve and the inks are also made from fully compostable material. The outer cartons are made of FSC quality mark paper, with glue made from starch.

Coffee cups
The Peeze coffee cup is made from fibres that remain after the production of sugar cane. With a so-called polylactic acid coating (PLA) to prevent leaks. That coating is made from renewable vegetable raw materials, in this case corn, and is biodegradable.

Exhibition ‘Beyond Coffee’
Yksi Expo
Torenallee 22-04, Eindhoven
July 19 until October 12, 2019