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The Correspondent – Unbreaking Newspaper

By 09-06-2019

Nominated for European Design Awards 2019
Category Printed Miscellaneous

The Correspondent is a movement for ‘unbreaking news’: changing what news is about, how it is made, and how it is funded. Momkai, co-founders of this journalistic revolution, designed and executed a complete crowdfunding campaign, including the online promotional crowdfunding platform. The Correspondent crowdfunded  $2.6M from 45,888 members in 130+ countries, setting a new world record.

Momkai: ‘Due to the unfamiliar angle of our journalistic philosophy, we chose to stay close to associative characteristics from familiar media brands. In other words, our printed identity needed to evoke a familiar journalistic feel for our unfamiliar message to be accepted.’

‘We decided to produce, and parody, the most familiar vehicle of journalism: the newspaper. Our ‘Unbreaking Newspaper’ contained our journalistic principles as well as quirky headlines such as: ‘GDP up 1%. Or down 2%. Nobody really knows. And it doesn’t really matter either’ or ‘Millions of black people minded own business last week, report shows’. This way we showed the irrelevance and flaws of the daily news in an effective manner.’