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Iris Toonen studio iristoonenstudio.nl

Crystal Funhouse

By 15-07-2020

“At my studio the design process itself is leading and my point of departure is the material. Always. By working hands-on and with a keen eye I’m aiming for new and unpredicted possibilities. The same way also the first stone was laid for ‘mirror weaving’. What started out as mirror-paper weaving turned out to be suitable for architectural applications.”

“My goal as a designer is to bring more tactility in our daily surroundings. In a world full of screens our eyes and hands needs to be ‘fed’. Mirror weaving makes you aware of your surroundings by changing to different points of view. By thinking on a more monumental scale, the mirror weaving technique was taken to another level. Now these tactile windows can also be applied in architectural spaces and interiors, especially in flexible work-spots where privacy is needed.”

“This won’t be the final step, it’s only one of many to come. I firmly believe that this is the fun of a hands-on design process.”