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Connecting the Dots

Dark Side of the Moon

By 09-04-2019

ONE WEEK ABOUT Dutch Designers in Milan by Connecting the Dots

Someone who traverses the whole of Milan the day before the Design Fair to provide all Dutch presentations with the annual Dutch Design Guide hopes for a glimpse of what is to come in the next couple of days. The buzz ahead expresses the tension in the venues, where an ant army of carpenters and other workmen let themselves be driven by the stress of the higher echelon.

Cost nor effort is spared. In a few days, an entire universe must be created, an illusion crafted. Smoking mirrors are raised, drinks are ready – anything that can seduce, keep throats wet and tongues flexible is prepared to empower the imagination.

With so much imagination in power you would almost think that the visual arts are being embraced but, although some may look at them with the deepest of passions, it only takes a thousand copies of a glossy catalogue to break through the mirage in which the marketing speak has to roar so that factories can rumble.

How different is that other exhibition in the city, where designers provide solutions to a damaged world: ‘Broken Nature’.

Text: Luc Deleau

Design Language 2019
nhow Hotel
Via Tortona 35, Milaan
9 – 14 April, 2019