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DEN – Digital transformation

By 22-05-2023

Nominated for European Design Awards 2023
Category Motion Logo

From preserving the past to building the future, what happens when your organization commits to a major shift in focus? When DEN faced this challenge, we designed a radical transformation of the brand, its strategy, and their platform. DEN was founded to help the Dutch cultural sector make its heritage accessible to the public online. Throughout the pandemic, it became clear that museums, theaters, and festivals need more drastic digital changes to stay relevant for the audience of the future. That’s where DEN comes in: They help cultural institutions become future-proof through digital innovation. To power their own transformation, DEN asked us to rewrite their story, sharpen their approach, and overhaul their identity.

Together, we created a new brand to inspire a growing community of cultural innovators. DEN empowers these firestarters to become digital leaders and set change in motion, by providing a continuous source of tailored education, inspiration, and support. Our new motion logo for DEN embodies the essence of this digital transformation. Just like the cultural organizations DEN seeks to empower, the E at the heart of the logo stretches out and transforms, forming a connection between the D and N.

DEN believes digital transformation is never completed and there is no one-size-fits-all. Therefore, the animated logo comes in multiple variations, based on the dynamic patterns that characterize DEN’s new transformative visual language. DEN is now ready to help the cultural sector take the steps that are necessary today, to connect with the audiences of tomorrow.