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Bastiaan Stoker www.basstoker.com

Dennis the Desklamp

By 03-02-2021

Dennis is a functional desklamp with human character traits. These two aspects of Dennis tend to collide, resulting in sometimes unwanted, yet understandable situations.

When Dennis senses that you are near, he extends his body, opens his eye, and wakes up. After some time, Dennis will start to get sleepy. In order to keep him awake, a loud noise must be made or strike with a fist on the table. Eventually Dennis will be so tired, it will leave you no choice but to have him rest a bit, and perhaps so should you.

Bastiaan Stoker works between the worlds of art, design and technology to create thought provoking objects and installations using an absurdist approach.

His graduation project ‘Dennis the Desklamp’ was showed at the DAE Graduation Show 2020, Dutch Design Week 2020, and at Kazerne as part of the ‘Impromptu Mini Graduation Show’ in Eindhoven.

video: Kazerne Eindhoven