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Digital Delft Blue

By 13-03-2021

One Week About – Student Work, Industrial Design, TU Delft

Third year Bachelor project
Lennart Krieg, Lieneke Cazemier, Midas Zegers, Tiuri Hartog, Sterre Witlox

Royal Delft is one of the few remaining factories designing and producing Delft Blue porcelain in the traditional way. In their continuous effort to bring the Delft blue painting technique into the present, to keep innovating and to modernise their image, they constantly engage in collaboration with external parties and designers.

Digital Delft blue is a collaboration between Delft Blue’s master painters and a robotic arm, aimed to explore all the possibilities that automation brings in creating a new style inspired by the handcrafted masterpieces. In the final line of earthenware, some of the most famous paintings from Delft were recreated in this new Digital Delft blue style.

When these pieces were presented to the design manager at Royal Delft, Joffrey Walonker, he opened up to using this automated painting technique for projects reproducing single designs on a large scale.

Course coordinator: Sander Minnoye
Project tutors: Willemijn Elkhuizen, Sander Minnoye
Course page: www.tudelft.nl